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Introduce Yourself!

This is a simple thread to introduce yourself to the community if you would like. What better way to get acquainted with one another?

I’ll start!

Hi, I’m rav3ndust! I have been obsessed with free and open-source software ever since I began using GNU/Linux distributions since late 2011 or early 2012, when I first switched from Windows to Ubuntu. SInce then, I have distro-hopped between more distros than I care to think about, and have been using Mint as my daily driver on my PC for at least 5 years now, after spending so much time hopping around.

I have always loved the concepts of Linux on mobile, with the closest thing possible for the last several years being De-Googled Android devices or running Ubuntu Touch on a supported device. This all changed when I read the announcement about the Librem 5, and finally, the PinePhone - which I now own two of and develop my own projects for.

This is what led me to create FOSSphones, as well as this forum. I am a staunch supporter of everything FOSS, and all of my own software work is fully open-sourced for anyone to use for any reason. With devices such as the PinePhone, Librem 5, and other Linux devices incoming - as well as more and more folks getting interested in using custom Android ROMs as more folks become concerned about their privacy and control over their own devices - I think the market for these kinds of devices is only going to get bigger.

A little more about me? I play a bit of guitar, I love video games, and when I am not sitting in front of my computer writing software or playing games, I can be found watching shitty 80s movies or spending some time out in nature.