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Ubuntu Touch - The PinePhone Daily Driver Challenge

If you take a look at the post I am about to make in the Linux Phones category, you will see that I am starting up a “PinePhone daily driver” challenge. The goal is to use nothing but my PinePhone as my daily driver for a week, and report on it through videos/blogs.

Anyone want to partake in this challenge with me? I will be using Ubuntu Touch as my OS of choice for this experiment, and will put my LineageOS Android device away in a drawer so it won’t be tempting to reach for it. I have Ubuntu Touch installed onto my PinePhone’s eMMC storage, and Mobian on an SD card if I feel the need to distro-hop.

Now that the FOSSphones Forum is created, it is the perfect place to attempt this kind of challenge. I will post here (as well as make blog-style articles for FOSSphones) about the experience.

Let me know if you plan to join me! The more we use and test our mobile Linux devices, the better we can help make them.

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